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Position: Senior Specialist - Remote Sensing
Organization: IRRI
Application URL: http://irri.org/talentlink/
Posted Date: 2016-12-28
Deadline: 2017-01-10
IRRI India is implementing a project on “Increasing Productivity of Rice-Based Cropping Systems and Farmers’ Income in Odisha” funded by the Government of Odisha with an estimated budget of USD 12.75 million in 5 years.The program aims to enhance and stabilize rice productivity and increase farmers’ income particularly in stress prone areas and establish sustainable rice based farming systems. The program is composed of 5 individual subproject interventions that will be implemented in 30 districts. The first component will focus on strengthening seed systems of stress tolerant rice varieties through innovative demonstration & extension approaches; the second component will validate and develop extrapolation domain mapping methodology to identify the suitability of rice base cropping systems in underutilized stress prone rice fallows areas’ of the state; the third project component intends to increase profitability and productivity by introducing the Rice Crop Manager software; the fourth component will help increase rice productivity through innovative extension methods, creating knowledge management banks, fostering partnerships and capacity building of target partners; and the fifth component will assist in reducing risk of production by working with key stakeholders in developing crop insurance for farmers considering affordability and economic viability. This component introduces the Satellite Remote-Sensing Based Rice Monitoring System to assess the loss during natural calamities. Each project component contributes to the overall goal to increase the productivity of rice-based cropping systems and farmers’ income in Odisha.

Under the general supervision of Scientist - GIS and Remote Sensing and the project lead this position will manage the delivery of project objectives in Component 2 (Targeting rice fallows: a cropping system based extrapolation domain approach (GIS) of the project ensuring that project goals, objectives and outcomes are achieved and delivered within the duration of the project. It will also provide technical advice to other project components related to his/her expertise (Remote Sensing) when necessary.

Roles and Responsibilities


Contribute to the development, testing and validation of innovative remote sensing based methods (using SAR, hyperspectral, thermal, multispectral remote sensing sensors) to identify rice based cropping systems and management practices
Evaluate, identify and characterize rice fallow, stress prone areas (flood, drought and salinity)
Collect and analyze Spectroradiometer observations, and suggest new spectral indices for tracking the adoption of improved crop management practices and cultivars
Evaluate the research findings, and contribute to the writing of reports, research papers and other communication material

Collaborate with internal/external key research partner(s) including government, local NGOs, local farmer groups, and universities to create best suitable management pathway(s).
Advise project leaders and/or collaborating partners to define the scope of research activities and harmonize the undertakings of the team(s) assigned in districts.
Establish and maintain linkages with local government unit, partners, farmer groups, and universities to ensure smooth execution of field activities and work plan


Recommend interventions to resolve technical errors for successful completion of the research study
Supervise the implementation of data management to guarantee quality data, data back up and data integrity
Review existing course of actions, and provide suggestions in the development work plans, milestones and implementation of research activities
Prepare and assure quality of project reports and papers for presentation at policy and academic forums.

Master Degree in Remote Sensing, Geography, Environmental Science, or other related discipline with 6 years relevant work experience of application of Remote Sensing and GIS in agriculture
Master Degree in agriculture or allied sciences with minimum 10 months Diploma in remote sensing & GIS in relevant fields of agriculture - 6 years relevant work experience of application of Remote Sensing and GIS in agriculture
PhD Degree in Remote Sensing, GIS, Geography, Environmental Science and other related discipline with 3 years relevant experience in Remote Sensing and GIS
Skills Required

Has extensive proven technical proficiency in remote sensing and GIS with proven skills in vegetation phenology, irrigated area mapping, land use and land cover change, climate change, ecological interactions and database management; integrated productivity analysis using physical (soil, water and climate) and farmer databases
Has experience in writing research papers and/or reports
Has strong knowledge and experience of working with SAR, hyperspectral and multispectral satellite data in agricultural applications and land use modeling
Has good working knowledge of remote sensing and GIS softwares, Database and Computer languages
Including ERDAS, ENVI, Geomatica, SQL, VB and C++
Has excellent analytical, statistical, presentation and communication skills
Has extensive research management experience
Has experience of web GIS platforms
Has strong decision-making skills
Excellent English skills


Has experience writing project proposals
Experience of Statistical and Scientific data analysis softwares - Matlab, SAS, SPSS SPAD, and SWAT
Can speak local language - Oriya

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